24-Hour Contest – Win A $25 GoDaddy Gift Card By Helping Me Pick A Domain Name!

For those of you who talked with me at DOMAINfest you know that I’m in the process of starting a blog about ccTLD’s. This is a topic that I’m passionate about and an area within the Domaining space that I think has INCREDIBLE potential over the next five years. I am making some changes in my business as well to increase focus on ccTLD’s and those announcements will be coming soon!

This blog will remain focused as it has been since October of 2007 on Domaining, SEO and Affiliate Marketing – i.e. teaching you how to make money with your domains!

So now I’m trying to pick the best name for my ccTLD Blog and I thought – why not ask my readers? So I’m asking you what you think would be the best name for the blog – I have a few domains listed below that I’m considering – you can vote on one of these or make a suggestion of your own! To win all you have to do is submit a comment with your vote. You’ll want to act quickly as the contest ends in just 24-hours!

  1. ccTLDGuy.com
  2. MrccTLD.com
  3. ccTLDBlog.me
  4. ccTLDBlog.us
  5. ccTLD.fm

Let me know which of these five you think is the best…and remember if you don’t like any of them – let me know and suggest another! Thanks in advance for your help!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton