21 years later you can now truly appreciate Nintendo’s Virtual Boy

Do you remember the Virtual Boy? It’s on record as being Nintendo’s second worst-selling product, but it was a very early venture into the concept of consumer VR. To jog your memory, it looks like this:


(Image credit – TechSpot)

There were a ton of complaints about the Virtual Boy and sadly it did not kick-start a VR revolution and we all had to patiently wait until today. Luckily, with the technology of today and one dedicated Reddit user, you can now enjoy your own personal Virtual Boy a la Google Cardboard.

I never had the chance to try a Virtual Boy before but this is a fun way to get an idea of how Nintendo saw the world of VR over 20 years ago. Sure, they were ahead of their time, but it’s hard not to experience a bit of the magic they had in mind when you try it for yourself. Here’s a video of what it looks like once you’ve followed these instructions on Reddit.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton