WordPress Wednesday: Don’t Be Afraid To Install WordPress, It’s Much Easier Than You Think

One of the main reasons why people don’t use platforms like WordPress or Joomla is because they assume that they won’y be able to install it. Yes, accessing your server via FTP and uploading a bunch of files, changing permissions, and running scripts is no walk in the park. Here’s the thing, you don’t need to do any of this to install WordPress, so if this is holding you back, it’s an excuse not a reality.

There are tons of ways to install WordPress without writing any code, learning how to use FTP, or becoming a unix file permission guru. Below are three of my favorites that should get you over the hump so you can start using WordPress and building your site.

Fantastico De Luxe
This is my go-to option for installing WordPress and the way I recommend that most people get started. All you need is a hosting provider that supports cPanel like Hostgator (you can get 25%-off if you use code (MORGANLINTON25). With Fantastico you literally just specify what domain you want WordPress installed on and enter a few pieces of information and it does all the funky tech stuff for you. If you want a great walkthrough of how to do this, just follow my WordPress Installation Tutorial.

Go Daddy Hosting Connection
Go Daddy actually makes the process pretty darn easy by allowing you to install WordPress in a similar way to Fantastico De Luxe, i.e. no funky tech knowledge required. Just make sure you pick a WordPress Hosting plan with Go Daddy when you sign-up. These are inexpensive and shouldn’t run you more than $15/month.

Manage WordPress Hosting Solutions
If you don’t want to lift a finger and you want everything done for you so you can just focus on the site, then a managed WordPress Hosting Solution is what you need. I recommend either ZippyKid or WPEngine, both should do the trick and while you’ll pay more than you would with Hostgator or Go Daddy, you’re buying peace-of-mind and some of your time back since they literally do absolutely everything for you.

So kick your fears to the curb and start building your site and learning WordPress the way it should be done, by using it! You can install WordPress, techie or not, so get in there and do it!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton