What To Learn HTML? 3 Places To Learn HTML For Free


I know that MorganLinton.com readers span a wide range of people, from domain investors to affiliate marketers, startups founders to general entrepreneurs. One thing just about everyone has in common is a website, and in most cases a website built by a web development company or freelance web developer. First let me say this is absolutely the way to go, unless your profession is building website, you shouldn’t be building websites. Like any business you should be putting your focus into running your business, and hiring the experts when it comes to building a site.

But here’s the catch. What if you’re not a business, what if instead you’re a passionate and inspired person who wants to get-into the development game without hiring a developer. This is how my company started and there’s nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty and diving into a little code. The great thing about web development is that initially, just learning HTML can give you the tools you need to put-together a simple site. On top of that if you’re using a platform like WordPress, some basic HTML knowledge will give you an advantage when it comes to making tweaks to your site.

Now I’m old, at least in Internet years, and can still remember learning HTML back in 1994. At that time I think there were maybe 3-5 books in the world about how to code HTML and just a handful of sites. Learning HTML for me was a bit like seeing the Matrix, suddenly I understood what was behind all of those websites floating out there on the net. Fast forward to 2012 and there are more free resources for learning HTML than you could ever imagine, in fact there are so many it’s easy to get information overload. So rather than bombard you with a top 100 list of places to learn HTML, I’ve decided to go with three.

  1. WebMonkey – this was one of the first sites that I used to learn about web development, their tutorials are well-written, entertaining, and teach you all the fundamentals you need to know. I recommend starting with How to Make an HTML Document.
  2. Udemy – some people like to learn by reading, others by watching, Udemy has the watching crowd covered with some of the best video tutorials on the net. You can take a free HTML Workshop on Udemy that will bring you through all the basics, and when you want to go further, they have videos for just about any topic under the sun.
  3. w3Schools – so these are the guys who made HTML, and still make it, so I would be remiss if I didn’t include them in this post. While I find their tutorials are a bit better for already tech savvy folks they get to the point and also serve as an excellent reference. You can get started with their HTML Tutorial for free.

So if you’ve been waiting to learn HTML and are running our of excuses, check-out one of the free places to learn HTML above. None of these will take even days to complete and at the end of the day understanding what’s going on behind the scenes is pretty satisfying and comes in handy just about every day. Of course I still think that as your business grows you should do everything you can to move yourself away from coding and into strategic leadership, but you have to start somewhere, and learning HTML is a great place to start!

As always I want to hear from you, feel free to share your favorite resources or ask any questions you might have. Comment and let your voice be heard!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton