The Work-Life Mantra

photo-1449182325215-d517de72c42dYou miss things like your kid’s music recital, you get winded walking up the escalator in the mall, and your clients know more about your daily habits than your family. This “work-life” im-balance is not a new concept. It’s frequently discussed by every entrepreneur outlet, including, and its use in hollywood has become trite and oversimplified; just think Arnold Schwarzenneger forgetting to buy his child a Turbo Man doll for Christmas. Spoiler alert: it’s a consistent hot topic because, despite the cliche, it’s a crucial aspect of success that’s often neglected in our daily rigmarole. Work can become all-consuming, and we require copious reminders and instructions on how to split time between our passion, health, and family life. As a serial entrepreneur, I can personally say that this has been a struggle for me over the years. It’s only recently that I’ve found some semblance of a balance between work and things that can exist outside of it. I’m still working out the kinks, but I can attribute a majority of my success to three things: trial and error, great work life, and my significant other.

Find Your Baseline

Over the last 6 years I’ve fluctuated with the amount of work hours, stress, and lack of sleep I can withstand. Everyone is different, but we all need to sleep, eat well, and exercise. Finding the right way to do all of these, and in what quantity, will depend on you. It may be a viable short term plan to forgo these things and eat Soylent for a year or so during a hyper-intensive venture, but it’s not a repeatable long-term practice, and even your work will eventually suffer because of it. Some people will need a great deal more of these things to function, while others can operate on quite a bit less, but it’s about finding your baseline that you can operate at efficiently over the long-haul. Aim for something that you can do repeatedly with ease, rather than struggling throughout the day.

Find the Right Business

In my spare time I write for and I help give direction and manage a few businesses I’m invested in, but I spend a vast majority of my time working at NamePros. NamePros makes my current life possible. Operating a business that enables you to work with people you enjoy, facilitates a work schedule that aligns with your prefered hours, and provides daily challenges that help you grow, will make you all the more happy. This won’t happen overnight, but if it’s been several years since your startup has launched and you’re still losing sleep and friends, it’s time to try something new.

Find Your Partner

Spending countless hours working irregular schedules is occasionally unavoidable. It’s part of running a business, but when it becomes a habit, that’s a problem. Finding a significant other that will be understanding and encouraging during these rough times will transform your experience. They’ll help you with that search for balance while choices become easier, and work becomes more rewarding instead of taxing, even when it’s after hours. Make sure your partner knows the tumultuous ride they’re in for. From personal experience, I can say that the last three years of my life have been much more rewarding with my significant other, Kristin, by my side, sacrificing date nights for work, and helping me proofread these articles. You wouldn’t believe some of the confusing sentences that I think readers will understand…like this one!If you read some of Morgan’s previous articles on work-life balance, you’ll see that this advice mirrors his path as well with FM. Next time you see an excerpt about the balancing act, try not to shrug it off as quickly and take a moment of introspection to see what you could be doing differently. Here’s hoping that we will all find that balance and happiness in 2016. Happy New Year.
Edward Zeiden

Edward Zeiden

Domain enthusiast and entrepreneur, Edward Zeiden, has been in the tech industry for several years. After co-founding the startup, NameLayer (subsequently acquired by Techstars) he pursued a career in