The One Domain MLB Cannot Purchase – published an article today that looks at the one domain MLB cannot purchase. Monte Cahn is mentioned in the article as well. The domain is owned by actual twins Durland and Darvin Miller.

When you go to you see:

D&D Miller

This web site is currently undergoing reconstruction.
For more information contact:
Durland & Darvin Miller
(408) 225-7436

From the article:’s strange story starts in 1994, a bad year for baseball. Mostly, it was bad because of the strike. But in retrospect, it was also bad because Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, a Philadelphia-based law firm, beat MLB to the punch by registering In 1994, no one knew that URLs mattered: It took until 1998 for MLB to create its own site,, which took much longer to type than Fortunately for Major League Baseball, Morgan Lewis had often represented the league, and the relationship between the two MLBs was somewhat incestuous: Rob Manfred, MLB’s current commissioner, was a partner at Morgan Lewis before joining MLB as in-house counsel in 1998. In 2000, the firm sought to strengthen those ties by transferring the site to Bud Selig for free.
Since 2000, Major League Baseball Advanced Media has conducted a stealth campaign to take over every team domain, undoing any damage caused by its slow start in registration. MLB and other leagues have tried to snap up team sites not only to attract more traffic and ad revenue, but to avoid the unwanted attention that can come from a site like, which became an “online dating community for men who enjoy the same country living lifestyle,” after the NFL’s Dallas franchise passed on it at auction.1 Both to streamline the process and to avoid hurting its leverage by letting potential sellers know there was big money behind its overtures, MLBAM has worked mainly through intermediaries like Monte Cahn, the founder of URL registrar and the president/director of RightofTheDot, LLC.

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Raymond Hackney

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