Sometimes You Just Get Lucky and The Fourth Time is The Charm

Sometimes you just get lucky with a domain, the flipside being regret from not staying with a domain.

On November 6 in the daily sales recap there was  the sale of for $7,500 on Sedo. This is the dream for every domainer who speculates in the made up, pronounceable niche. The domain was purchased by the company that owns NuSkin, NSE Products out of Provo, Utah.

In August, NSE went out and registered Numio in net,org,us,biz,co and yes even .MOBI

The registrant of the .com had only registered the name back in March of 2013 so that is one heck of an ROI on a reg fee name.

Now there are 3 people out there saying why didn’t I renew ? Numio was dropped 3 times. This is the tricky part about investing in made up pronounceable domains. You register a few because its only $8, then you get no offers because there are no established end users to prospect. After a year or two you drop them, and then someone else comes along right after you leave the slot machine, pulls the lever and jackpot !

Its why when you think about M.U.P.S you have to say to yourself this domain is going to cost me $80, 10 years of holding. That way you have a long time period and since you are putting out $80 it will make you think long and hard about which of these you choose and keep the portfolio reasonable.

Of course many will still treat M.U.P.S. like:

Raymond Hackney

Raymond Hackney

Raymond Hackney is a writer and domain investor/consultant from Philadelphia. Raymond is the founder of and