Popular Podcasts and Audiobooks

Popular Podcasts and Audiobooks
Entrepreneurs simply do not have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything they want to. With all the immediate demands that come with maintaining and growing a business, there is usually precious little time left for longer term personal pursuits. A great example of this is continued learning and self-education.Some of us are able to carve out the time to read on a regular basis, but it requires an incredible amount of willpower to set aside more immediate, but not necessarily more important, tasks. A more palatable option is to passively listen to audiobooks or podcasts while completing routine tasks. Those minutes add up at the end of the day, week, and year. If you commute anywhere in Los Angeles or another metropolitan city, that’s a substantial amount of your time.Next time you drive to work, exercise, walk your dog, eat lunch at your desk, etc., try listening to a great book or an educational podcast. To get you started, here’s a list of some of the most popular services I use and content that I make an effort to listen to:TED Talks FeedBurner Page or any page on their site for video.
– In case you’re not familiar with TED Talks, they’re popular speeches given by industry renowned experts on a wide gamut of fields.
This Week in Startups via Stitcher
– The popular serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Jason Calacanis has operated this show since 2009. He interviews other popular tech moguls and covers trending news in Silicon Valley.
Ask Gary Vaynerchuk
– As the title implies, it’s a show where expert marketer and angel investor, Gary Vaynerchuk, answers people’s questions on entrepreneurship, social media, and more.
Any informative book on Audible.comNPR’s Planet Money
– A bi-weekly podcasts on the global economy discussed in a casual manner.
Smart Passive Income
– Marketer and entrepreneur, Pat Flynn gives tips for running an online business.
Harvard Business Review’s IdeaCast
– Podcasts covering popular topics from HBR’s management magazine. If you have the time, I recommend reading this one as their articles are usually heavily researched.
The Investors Podcast
– Hosts, Preston and Stig, study, discuss and interview billionaires.
Mixergy Startup Stories
– Andrew Warner explores popular startup stories and interviews their founders to provide great business tips.
Foundr Magazine Podcast

– Interviews with startup founders and entrepreneurs.

If these don’t interest you or they’re not in your field, don’t let that stop you. There’s a wide variety of content out there on Stitcher and iTunes. For instance, in the domain name industry I listen to podcasts from Domain Name Wire and DomainSherpa. Remember that one of the keys to growth is constantly pushing yourself to learn!

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Edward Zeiden

Edward Zeiden

Domain enthusiast and entrepreneur, Edward Zeiden, has been in the tech industry for several years. After co-founding the startup, NameLayer (subsequently acquired by Techstars) he pursued a career in