Owner of AirFreight.com has amassed over 1,000 Domain Names To Grow His Business

Larry Myler wrote a piece today on Forbes, the article profiled Dan Boaz who has purchased over 1000 transportation related domains to help grow his business. Dan owns AirFreight.com a very nice two word generic.com that is the flagship name for his business. It is a nice look at how one non traditional domain investor, has built his portfolio.

From the article:

Meet Dan Boaz,the entrepreneur who has purchased over 1,000 transportation-related domain names, all in an effort to
completely control the expedited freight market online.
When starting a new business, most entrepreneurs will reserve a domain name and URL for their new venture…and then move on to printing business cards. Not Dan Boaz, Founder and President of AirFreight.com. Dan has amassed over 1,000 domains related to transportation, and he is working on a very deliberate strategy to dominate the shipping industry by directing web traffic to his expedited shipping companies.
Dan’s advice to would-be domainers:
1. Get specific. “Broad domains (such as AirFreight.com) are powerful, but more specific domains (SameDayDelivery.com) can resonate with buyers who are looking to purchase your services right now.”
2. Be vigilant. “Keep your eyes open for any domain that will help your business, either defensively or offensively.”
3. Don’t try to maintain too many websites at the same time. “I once had as many as 15 sites up at one time. That was too many.”

Read the full article on Forbes and check out the graphics that were included via pdf.

Raymond Hackney

Raymond Hackney

Raymond Hackney is a writer and domain investor/consultant from Philadelphia. Raymond is the founder of TLDInvestors.com and 3Character.com.