NameCheap Offers Domain Transfers For Less Than $4 (Today Only)

NameCheap Logo

As many of you know I’m a big fan of NameCheap, the main reason is the people behind the company. Led by entrepreneur and domain name guru Richard Kirkendall NameCheap is one of the most Domainer-friendly registrars on the planet. Not only that but, like the name says, they offer some very economical options to make it easy for investors to save money on registrations, renewals, hosting, etc. throughout the year.


Today NameCheap is offering a one day only special that honestly is too good to pass up. They are calling it National Move Your Domain Day and offering domain transfers for just $3.98. I can tell you that I personally will be moving a bunch of domains over their way today and if you do the math on a portfolio of ~1,000 domains this could add-up to over $4,000 in savings.

I will be keeping track of every penny that I save making the move to NameCheap and then using this money to buy one domain name. Then I’m going to see how much I can flip this name for and hopefully will turn a big savings into an even bigger profit.

So if you have a bunch of names that are up for renewal, now is the time to save. Don’t miss the boat, this offer is good today-only. Enjoy the savings and huge thanks to NameCheap from me personally, looking forward to taking the money I save and putting it into a nice two-word .COM I can flip later this year!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton