Must-Read Mondays: Snow Crash

Hello, happy Monday, and welcome to Must-Read Mondays! With Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus the concept of the Metaverse becomes closer to reality. What is the Metaverse you ask? Let’s talk about Snow Crash.


First things first. Snow Crash is honestly one of the books that really got me into reading when I was younger. I also think it might just be the first book that I read non-stop until I finished it. I think I read it over a weekend and that’s all I did.

At the time the plot seemed far off in the distant future, a virtual reality world called the Metaverse was quickly becoming an alternative to living in reality. The main character in the book,

Hiro Protagonist, 

is a pizza delivery guy in the future. Oh and yes, you guessed it, we quickly realize it’s up to Hiro to, well, be a hero and save the world (or, Metaverse).

Now, with Facebook behind the helm of Oculus, VR could become a part of your life sooner than you may think. Which is why you should come prepared by having already read this book a couple of times. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a hero?

I highly recommend Snow Crash, it has been one of my favorite books for a long time (over 15 years) and if you’re looking for a good read, and one you might not be able to put down, make sure you add this one to your list.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton