Stays in the same city, but no money for Go Daddy

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The much ballyhooed auction of closed on November 18, 2013, Morgan gave his thoughts prior to the auction closing here.

The 16 year old domain had 58 bids and closed at $76,000. There had been a battle between bidder 1 and 13 before bidder 14 jumped in and won the auction.

The registrant info changed and the stayed in the same city, the city where I live, Philadelphia.

The Go Daddy November Domain Report came out yesterday and I did not see listed in the top 10 sales, so I wondered if maybe the domain was renewed and the registrant made a deal.

I spoke to Paul Nicks from Go Daddy today and he told me the domain was renewed so Go Daddy did not make any money on the deal.

Congrats to the buyer and seller.

This continues to be a complex issue that probably has no straight answer on resolution.  The registrant getting some remuneration for their expired asset that is proven to have value vs auction participants spending their time and tying up money bidding on an asset class that can be pulled back without any compensation.

Some will say its the Wild West, some will say that’s just domaining, some will say Go Daddy needs to change their policy.

What do you say ?

Raymond Hackney

Raymond Hackney

Raymond Hackney is a writer and domain investor/consultant from Philadelphia. Raymond is the founder of and