Buyer Turns out to be Moki Mobility

Back on March 14,2014 the domain name closed on NameJet at $66,100. The winning bidder had the name Moki Orphanage and it was assumed that was the buyer.

The domain was registered the day before the auction closed, the registrant has this on their linked in page:

OUNCE OF WEED.COMJune 2013 – Present (10 months) Scottsdale, AZ

Ounce of Weed is the largest marijuana/cannabis/hemp domain holder in the country. We currently own over 6000 .coms relating to this market and are acquiring more every day. The medical marijuana industry is estimated to be $40 billion in the next 3 to 5 years and $120 billion once the government approves marijuana for social use, as is liquor. We will be starting our MissMarijuanaAmerica pagent shortly, when our new site is done. Sign up at for further information.

The buyer turns out to be Moki Mobility a company that was featured last April on Tech Crunch:

Salt Lake City-based MokiMobility announced a $2 million seed funding round, just a little over a year after the cloud-based mobile device management was officially founded. MokiMobility has since shifted focus from a broad-based MDM approach to one tailored specifically towards single-purpose devices, like the iPads you’ll often see installed as ordering kiosks in restaurants, or used as point-of-sale terminals at stores, which is why their partnership with SF-based Revel is also big news.
Raymond Hackney

Raymond Hackney

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