Missed the weekend? Here are some of my favorite photos from The Domain Conference Opening Weekend

I arrived in Florida yesterday afternoon and have been absolutely blown away by what a great job Barbara, Howard, and Ray have done at putting together what I think will go down in history as one of the best domain conferences we’ve ever had. The venue is spectacular and as the weekend has progressed more and more people have arrived and it’s safe to say that just about every “mover and shaker” in the domain industry is now here.

Right now it’s the tail end of the opening night party hosted by .CLUB and like the huge geek that I am I thought now would be a great time to share some photos from the last 48-hours. Enjoy!


Like I said above, the venue is amazing, here’s the first photo I took when I arrived.


As guests arrived Barbara and Ray were there to welcome them


I played croquet with Andee and Dan from Donuts, and like chess, I didn’t quite win


Braden and I were unofficial twins today representing team FM!


Apparently the FM shirt is even more popular than me (or Braden) had imagined


Spending some quality time with GGG (or Dr Gregg as his badge says)


The opening night party was (and still is) rocking…which reminds me I need to get back up there!


I took this photo right before heading to my room to write this post, the one and only Ammar

Okay, the party officially ends at 10:00PM and it’s 9:56PM which means I need to hop in the elevator and get back up there. As usual I like to include you, my reader, in every adventure I can so I hope you enjoyed coming along for part of the ride, the show officially starts tomorrow and I can’t wait!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton