Mega offering 10,000 Euros in the vulnerability reward program

On January 18, Morgan wrote, “Watch Out Dropbox Mega is Coming” Well today there was a story on TheNextWeb that Kim Dotcom launches Mega vulnerability reward program, offering up to $13,500 per bug

Kim Dotcom has officially launched his Mega vulnerability reward program that was announced last week. As we reported earlier, the founder of Mega, the newly launched file storage service, is challenging anyone to report a previously unknown security-relevant bug or design flaw. The enticement? He’s offering up to €10,000 per bug (approx. US$13,580), “depending on its complexity and impact potential.”

Read the whole article on TheNextWeb so you can see what bugs qualify and the three scenarios that Mega wants hackers to try and solve.

Raymond Hackney

Raymond Hackney

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