Johan (aka DoseBuy) brokers his first six-figure deal, and doing the math…most people are pretty darn happy for him

DoseBuy brokers a six-figure domain name

For those who missed the hottest thread on NamePros so far in 2020, let me break it down for you. Johan (who goes by DoseBuy) recently brokered a six-figure deal, he was excited about it, and shared his excitement on NamePros along with some other data about his first six months in Domaining.

Here’s an excerpt if you want to cut to the chase:

And now six months have gone by since I first started. And today I closed my first six figure deal. Its been under negotiation for three months. It’s been a fun and nerve-wrecking negotiation. But today @Rob Monster contacted me and say the escrow is closed. Big ups to EPIK for making sure the transaction went smooth.
It’s under NDA so can’t share more details.(Source – NamePros)

Johan went on to share more about his experiences during his first six months in the Domain Investing world. Most people that read Johan’s thread congratulated him. I personally think it’s pretty impressive what Johan’s been able to do in his first six-months and I think it’s equally awesome that he has decided to share his journey with all of us.

Of course, when it comes to anything, from domain names to politics, you get different opinions. Like I said, the vast majority of NamePros users were supportive and congratulated Johan, but a few people weren’t super happy about Johan sharing a deal that was under NDA.

I also saw a couple people mention that they didn’t learn anything from this thread. I have to say I personally disagree on both counts. Here’s why:

  1. Johan isn’t breaking the NDA in any way, the domain name itself, the amount it sold for, and the buyer are all still confidential. Unless this is some weird NDA that says you can’t even mention you did a deal, then I’m pretty darn sure this is a-okay legally. Of course, I’m not a lawyer so if there’s a lawyer reading this who wants to jump in please do.
  2. I do think there are things people can learn from this. Rob Monster from Epik did share that this was a buyer in Asia, that the domain was a two-word .COM, and that it was a brandable domain sold at a shoot-the-moon price. Feels like there are some lessons there IMHO.

All that being said, the reality is, if you decide to share something publicly, you do open yourself up to criticism no matter how good your intentions are. That being said, I thought it would be interesting to tally up the positive vs. negative comments, pulling out the back-and-forth some members had with Rob Monster and removing duplicates. Here’s the count:

Positive responses: ~40
Negative responses: ~5
~87% positive responses

Some people might count slightly differently from me but if you look at the true reaction to Johan sharing this news, the vast majority of people were incredibly positive.

On that note, congrats Johan, you’ve been working super hard, sharing your journey with all of us and most people are cheering you on as you continue to kick ass and take names (some pun intended). Keep it coming! 🙌

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton