Jason clearly has the magic touch when it comes to picking domains

I’ve talked about Jason Sheppard quite a bit this year, and for good reason, he has a great eye when it comes to picking domains. What I also really appreciate about Jason is his willingness to share his sales openly, both the sales price, price he paid, and date he purchased the domains. There’s a lot all of us can learn from what Jason is sharing. Here’s three sales Jason made in one day this week:

Jason domain sales

Looking at these there’s a few quick takeaways:

  1. None of these domains were purchased for more than $100, in fact, $59 was the most he paid for any of them. Keeping acquisition costs low allows you as an investor to build up more inventory without going through as much cash.
  2. His top sale is a three word .COM. While I’ve been a two-word .COM guy for a long time now, I keep seeing three word .COM sales like this and thinking I should probably open my mind (and my wallet) to three word .COMs.
  3. BIN pricing works – I tweeted back to Jason highlighting the sale of YouAreBrave.com and he gave a bit extra info as you can see below:
domain investing bin prices

I like what Jason said here, “That it sold at BIN was a good lesson in pricing for me.” Definitely a lesson there for me and likely many others as well. I’ve gone back and forth with BIN pricing over the years and now most of my “For Sale” landers are more focused on having a potential buyer get in touch vs. making the sale right away…now I’m wondering if I should be a bit more open to putting BIN pricing out there.

Last year I talked about “Price Upon Request” landing pages and the benefits these can offer investors. At the same time, I look at sales like YouAreBrave(dot)com and wonder if the sale would have happened without a clear BIN price there. And that’s one of the things I love about domain investing, there’s always the opportunity to learn and try out new strategies and ideas.

Congrats to Jason and thanks as always for sharing this with all of us, you can definitely go into this weekend feeling pretty darn victorious!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton