Google Adwords Keyword Tool Going Away


The tool that so many domainers love to use for exact search numbers is going away. Google said today that they will be unveiling a new product called Keyword Planner.

With the launch of this new, combined tool, we will be sunsetting the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator in about 60 days. Please view this article for an in-depth look at the differences between using Keyword Tool and Keyword Planner.  Going forward, you’ll have to log in to AdWords to use Keyword Planner, which will enable you to get customized results and estimates. We hope that this integrated workflow will help you build and grow your campaigns even more efficiently. To learn more about Keyword Planner, you can also visit the AdWords Help Center.

Certainly Google does not care about how this affects domaining, things suchs as, Domains wanted listings that specify I am looking for a keyword with 10,000 exact monthly searches will have to be tweaked. It certainly will required a few extra steps as you must have an adwords account, and you must be signed in.

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Raymond Hackney

Raymond Hackney

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