First It Was Yahoo, Now Bing Changes Their Logo and Their Strategy To Take on Google


First it was Yahoo changing their logo and now Bing has followed suit.

The Verge is out this morning with an article on the new look Bing and how they plan to take on Google in a new way.

From the article:

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is getting a new look. A year in the making, Bing is dropping its curly blue logo for a modern design that closely matches the rest of Microsoft’s recently redesigned product branding. “The logo, obviously, is a big deal for us, a lot more angular and fresh and sharper than we’ve used in the past,” explains Microsoft’s Lawrence Ripsher, a design lead for Bing’s User Experiences, in an interview with The Verge. After “literally dozens” of color experiments, Microsoft has selected an orange Bing logo that’s almost golden in its appearance.
The color is actually the same one used in a quadrant of Microsoft’s corporate flag logo. Bing’s angular and modern logo comes just after Yahoo revealed its own redesigned logo that has generated some criticism from typographers. Microsoft has opted for a stylized lowercase ‘b’ that’s sharp and aligns neatly with the Segoe font for the wordmark. “Bing has typically been kind of curly, softer, so this fits much more with the modern kind of approach we’ve taken on some of the other logos,” says Ripsher.

In addition the article looks at changes Microsoft is planning from a design standpoint, social integration and new responsive design for mobile.

Read the whole article here.

Here is the new video out this morning from Bing, just released.

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