Educational Resources for Founders

It can be difficult for startup founders to see the starting line amidst the tornado of information we have access to these days. With that in mind, I put together some of my favorite resources that I believe will help budding entrepreneurs at the onset of their journey. Enjoy!

Timeless Articles From Tech Icons

: Paul Graham is a renown venture capitalist and co-founder of Y Combinator. He’s written some of the most thorough treatise on tech subjects that you’ll find from any expert in the field. One of my favorites is How to Get Startup Ideas.: Another great VC, Marc cofounded Netscape and has invaluable information on his blog. He hasn’t authored new posts in some time, but most of the old ones still ring true. This guest article by Ben Horowitz that explains the difference between Angels and Venture Capitalists is a must read.

Useful Marketing Guides

: Great beginner’s guide created by Moz inbound marketing and analytics. This one is specific to search engine marketing and SEO.: A more comprehensive guide covering multiple online marketing topics by another online marketing authority.: I’m not sure why more people aren’t raving about Primer. It’s probably one of the most undervalued guides to marketing, and it’s developed by Google. Primer is an app that delivers powerful marketing concepts and tactics in what they call “bite-sized” lessons in 5 minutes.

Recommended Reading

Morgan and I have written, covered, or referenced other important guides for founders before. Here is a list of some of the best ones including guides that help with one of the first steps every founder has to go through: finding a name.

Continuing Education

In addition to following news sites like Techcrunch or discovering the best new things in tech via ProductHunt, it’s imperative to continually read content from fellow entrepreneurs.

Have other vital guides or recommended reading for entrepreneurs? Let everyone know in the comments section.

Edward Zeiden

Edward Zeiden

Domain enthusiast and entrepreneur, Edward Zeiden, has been in the tech industry for several years. After co-founding the startup, NameLayer (subsequently acquired by Techstars) he pursued a career in