Buying a .com where the keyword doubles as a new extension

Over the last couple weeks I have had a couple of conversations with people about .com domains that end in a new gtld extension. One friend said that he was no longer going to purchase names like because now we have an online extension. He asked me my thoughts and I kind of feel on the fence.

In a perfect world if you were at least open to the prospect of new gtlds you would get both. I have done that with a couple keyword media related names. The problem comes about when the new gtld has a big premium and in some cases premium renewal.

I am a tennis fan and at one time in my life played 12 hours a day, I would not mind owning, but to get the matching Tennis.Online it is $12,500 and then a premium renewal of $12,500. So that is a no go, there is no business sense for a domainer or webmaster to pay that kind of money.

So in these cases I would not be opposed to owning a domain where the second keyword is a new gtld, you should be able to use that in your sales strategy of why the buyer should go with over

In other cases the .com buyer may want a fortune for and the is reg fee. Those debates will go on along tld lines in the great GTLDwars.

I decided to take a look at sales data from .com that related to new gtld extensions.

.XYZ is #1 in domain registrations according to, the only xyz .com related sale was many years ago for $50,000.

.Science is #2

.Club is #4

.Link is #8

.Website is #10

*Data Courtesy of Namebio

Raymond Hackney

Raymond Hackney

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