Affiliate Summit West – Sessions: Killer Emails and Social List Building Techniques – Part One

The moment I saw this session I knew I had to be there. Email and Social Media list building is a key element of any brand in any niche. Email and Social Media are critical ways to engage your audience and build brand loyalty. Enough about how cool this session is – let’s dive right in! Since there’s a lot of content here I’ve decided to split this into two posts – here’s part one!


Hunter Boyle - Aweber

List Building

  • An effective list-building strategy is more than just a bunch of tactics – it’s tightly integrated with ROI.
  • Content should be driving everything that you do.
  • Develop partnerships with other experts in your space.

Case Study: Social Media Examiner

Don’t start selling right away; wait until you have subscribers and followers. Email is about relationship building so the initial focus is on great content not sales.

Top Five Tactics:

  1. Pop-up form get 70% of opt ins (most people think this doesn’t work, but it does)
  2. Bonus incentive lifts response
  3. Confirmed (double) opt-in boosts quality
  4. Social proof reduces anxiety
  5. Social media makes sharing easy (confirmation page after sign-up allowing people to tweet and post to Facebook)

Key: Support your tactics with research and testing; integrate them with ROI goals to build strategy.

Recommended Sites:,,

Optimizing Landing Pages:

  • “Before” landing pages – where site visitors first opt into your list (blog, squeeze page)
  • “After” landing pages – what they see right after signing-up (confirmation, special offers)
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton