A look at the man and his company who beat out Google for Dot Blog

Kieren McCarthy published an article on The Register profiling the winner of the new .blog extension. I think .blog is going to be one of the more successful new gtlds when all is said and done. With the price of $30million it is going to have its work cut out it for it. You have to look at the fact that Google could easily afford $30 million, they run one of the most popular blogging platforms on the Internet. Why did they not stop until they won ? That’s a question I think many would like to know.

From the article:

The rights to sell .blog domains – one of the most sought after new dot-word gTLDs – have been won at auction by an unknown Colombian working out of Panama.
Gerardo Aristizabal and his company Primer Nivel paid an estimated $30m for the premium piece of internet real-estate, beating out industry giants Google, Afilias, Donuts as well as five others.
It makes it the most expensive new gTLD following $6.8m paid for dot-tech, $5.6 for dot-realty and $5.1m for dot-salon. Those are just the public auctions; the private auctions for dot-book, dot-pay and a raft of others are estimated to have gone higher, but not as high as $30m.
In a huge expansion of the domain name space, dot-blog is one of the few extensions that people are sure is a surefire winner, thanks to its immediacy and relevance. Many in the industry expected Google to win the name and use it to host free websites with its Blogger platform.
Very little is known about Primer Nivel’s plans for dot-blog. Its public application follows most industry norms of allowing for first-come-first-served registrations after a “sunrise period” for trademark owners. The most valuable “premium” names will be auctioned off. The registry will also be used to “promote the core values that have given blogs their actual space in the Internet; freedom of speech and access to information,” according to the application.
Other than that, the only real information provided is that dot-blog will use Malaysian company Qinetics for its technical back-end (the company also runs the registries for Singapore’s dot-sg, Hong Kong’s dot-hk and Malaysia’s dot-my).

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Raymond Hackney

Raymond Hackney

Raymond Hackney is a writer and domain investor/consultant from Philadelphia. Raymond is the founder of TLDInvestors.com and 3Character.com.